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I cannot put the highlighter down, and I am torn between finishing the project I have already started or re-reading your book.
Hilarious Story
"A hilarious story with great advice on the do’s and don'ts of remodeling your home.”
— PARADISE Magazine
Paradise Valley, AZ

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Welcome to Remodeling Hell

If you want to purchase a new book on how to pave your driveway or put up a wall, you can find one in any bookstore.

Until now there has been no book that encapsulates the entire remodeling experience, one that will prove an invaluable source to help readers relate to what they are about to undertake.

Remodeling Hell describes author Charles G. Irion's journey as he endeavored to build his dream house, which turned into a two-year nightmare. It's packed with money-saving tips and ideas. This book contains often hilarious, but always valuable lessons of what to do and what NOT to do when building or remodeling homes. This book also contains "Salvation" 36 pages of remodeling guidelines that will save you time and potentially thousands of dollars. The valuable lessons in this book will help people as much today as it will in the future.

 Even if you aren't planning a home remodel in the near future, there are many home remodeling tricks that can help you save several months in repairs, money and frustration!  The lessons taught in this book are generational and Remodeling Hell will be as useful to the reader today, as it will ten years from now.

Remodeling Hell (Paperback)
Dimensions 9 x 6
If ordered from the author directly via the 'Buy Now' option, the book is only $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

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